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Stadt Land Fluss (Chromecast)


Formerly: Pencil & PaperNow: Smartphone (resp. Tablet) & TV"Stadt Land Fluss" (german for: "City Country River") is a very popular game in Germany. It is played with friends in a group.
Playing this game is very simple: 1. Select categories you want to find words for 2. The Screen in your TV tells you which character is picked 3. You and your Friends enter the Words starting with the picked character for each of the Categories on your own Smartphones 4. Rate the Inputs of all players to find the Winner
This App ist absolutely free and with no advertising.
IMPORTANT: You need a Chromecast to playing this game!
Features:- Manage as many Categories as you want!- Activate a Countdown to speed up the game!- Play with up to 5 friends!- Make it individual (Icon & Name)
Supported Languages: English & German